Do Brides Have to Wear White?

white wedding dress

Where Does The White Dress Tradition Come From?

Most believe that the white dress tradition began as a way to symbolize the purity of the bride, but this explanation wasn’t attributed to the white dress tradition until it really became popular. So, how was this tradition introduced? By royalty, of course. Prior to Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert in 1840, white wedding dresses were worn mostly by peasants, whose finest gowns were white because that was the fashion of the day. More extravagant weddings, such as wealthy and royal weddings, often saw more ornate gowns.

Queen Victoria broke royal tradition when she decided to get married in a more simple, white lace gown, and the white wedding dress tradition was officially born. Almost 10 years later, a popular publication declared that the white bride’s dress signified her purity and innocence.   

So, Do Brides Have to Wear White?

If you’ve grown up dreaming of a white ball gown constructed mostly of tulle, then that is what you should get married in. That being said, many modern women are choosing less traditional colors and styles for their wedding dresses, especially for destination weddings where large ball gowns are impractical, so don’t be afraid to broaden your search. Gold, pink, lilac, and baby blue have all become more common wedding dress colors in recent years. Want to get married in ruby red? Do it. It’s your day.

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