Busting Destination Wedding Myths Part 1

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Many couples fail to even consider having a destination wedding, usually because they already believe one or more of these common myths about getting married abroad. What about you? Have you put your dreams of a beautiful Mexico, Aruba, or Bora Bora wedding away because it simply seems too impersonal, too difficult, or too expensive? Read about the following myths about destination weddings, and see for yourself that your dream wedding may be just one international flight away.

3 Common Destination Wedding Myths

It’s Too Impersonal

Some couples assume that a destination wedding will not be as “special” or “personal” as a traditional wedding would be because some of the packages out there include “cookie cutter” ceremonies and a general lack of customization options. There’s not need to fear, though. If you decide to work with an Absolute Wedsite wedding planner, your big day will be filled with all of those personal touches you desire.

It’s Too Difficult to Plan

This myth is common, but it couldn’t be more false. Is a traditional wedding simpler to plan for than a vacation? With all of the packages available through a wide variety of destinations, couples are actually likely to find that their destination wedding was easier and more affordable to plan than a traditional home wedding would have been. Should you decide to work with a destination wedding planner, he or she will take care of everything for you.  

It’s Too Expensive

On the contrary, a destination wedding may be easier to keep within a particular budget than a traditional wedding because of the differences in planning requirements. Working within your budget means your destination wedding can be as simple or extravagant as you would like. It’s all up to you.

Learn about more myths about destination weddings in part two on this topic, and contact us to begin planning your destination wedding.