5 Unique Destination Wedding Ceremony Venues

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If you and your spouse have decided to have a destination wedding, you’ve opened yourselves up to nearly endless ceremony venue options. While a beach wedding, a cruise ship wedding, or a wedding at your chosen resort is bound to be beautiful, why not consider some less traditional locations for a truly unique and special ceremony? Keep reading for a few ideas, and feel free to contact an Absolute Wedsite wedding planner to discuss some of your own!  

5 Unique Destinatination Wedding Ceremony Venues

A Cave

If you want to get married in a unique, naturally gorgeous place, there are cave locations across the world that welcome wedding ceremonies. The limited lighting, beautiful rock formations, and intimate setting of a cave creates a cozy and romantic ambiance. Depending on the size of the cave and the location’s own capacity limitations, your cave ceremony will likely only include your closest family and friends.

A Boat

Do you and your spouse to be both love to be out on the ocean or other large bodies of water? We briefly mentioned cruise weddings above, but getting married on the water doesn’t have to mean getting married at sea. A small ceremony on a sailboat or a larger ceremony on a luxury yacht can both provide your big day with spectacular views and an a unique, unforgettable experience.

A Castle

Many women have dreamed of their wedding days since they were little girls. If you’re one of them, what does your dream wedding look like? Is it extravagant, royal even? A castle wedding could be the perfect unique wedding venue for you. These spectacular, historical venues can provide you with an incredible and romantic wedding that at once tips a hat to the past while joining you with your spouse for the future.  

A Lighthouse

Get the ocean views you’re after with the added beauty of a lighthouse for a truly unique and beautiful wedding ceremony. There is simply something undeniably romantic about getting married with a lighthouse standing tall at your back, it’s light keeping the vessels out at sea safe and on course.

Hot-Air Balloon

Have you ever been up in a hot-air balloon and looked down? The world looks surreal; you can see entire shadows cast by the clouds, and the cars look like toys you could pluck up from the ground if only you could reach. What better place is there to join yourself to your spouse to be than up in the sky, distanced and disconnected from the distractions below?  

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