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Is a Honeymoon Registry Tasteful?

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Let’s talk about the classic wedding gift registry. Traditionally, the couple getting married registers for certain items at a store they both like in order to fill their new household with all of their houseware necessities. Their guests, then, choose their gifts off of the registry list, presenting the couple with pots and pans, cookware, fine serveware, bedding, bath towels, etc. This system works great for couples who will be moving in together for the first time following the marriage.

But what about other couples? These days, it is much more common to see couples getting married who have lived together for months or even years. These couples have already filled their homes with basic living necessities, and they may not have need for a typical wedding registry. If you are one of these couples, why not try a honeymoon registry instead to help pay for those expensive honeymoon packages?

What is a honeymoon registry?

couple buying onlineThe typical honeymoon registry is an online service that allows your guests to contribute a desired dollar amount to your honeymoon fund rather than purchase gifts off of a gift registry. This simplifies the entire process for your guests and helps you finance your honeymoon. It’s a win, win for everyone!

Aren’t honeymoon registries in poor taste?

When first introduced as a service, honeymoon registries were considered by some to be in poor taste, however many others disagree with this. Your wedding is about you and your spouse, and so is the gift registry. Your guests just want to contribute to your future happiness; they won’t care how you prefer they do that. If you think some of your guests might prefer to get you a traditional gift, you can always do more than one registry! After all, there’s nothing wrong with giving your guests more options for showering you with gifts.

Are ready to start planning your honeymoon? We offer honeymoon packages tailored to your desires and budget. Contact Absolute Wedsite now.

Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in The Bahamas

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Getting Married in The Bahamas

Why to Choose The Bahamas for your Destination Wedding


Sun on the bride’s face, sand between the grooms toes, and ocean spray coating the dress and the tux, The Bahamas offers one of the most unique wedding adventures of any world vacation spot.

Here’s 5 great reasons why The Bahamas might be the place of choice for your Destination Wedding:

1. The Experiences

On one of the Bahamas 29 islands, 661 cays, or even on one of 2,387 rocks, getting married on this paradise island nation in the Caribbean is an adventure all its own.

In the Bahamas one can get married on the beach, alongside an inland deep blue sea, near the “lost city of Atlantis,” or in a castle on the highest point of the islands. Wedding planners can also add dolphins or birds of paradise to a ceremony. Junkanoo dancers are available for nuptials, or and so is in the Versailes Gardens, a great royal back crop to any stately wedding.

2. The Islands and Beaches

Pick an island, any island, just for the experience. The Exumas offer foot print free beaches. Long Island has breathtaking cliffs and coral reefs, and Nassau and Paradise Island is a tropical utopia with the perfect mix of big city and native tropical features. Go to Inagua for the exotic birds, or have your wedding party swim ashore on The Berry Islands.  You may find the perfect setting for a wedding on each island.

The Bahamas boasts the 10 best beaches in the Caribbean, some are alive with beach sports like volleyball, and soccer, some are exclusively serviced by resorts with servicers to attend their guests. Some are family friendly, and perfect to house guests that will come to witness nuptials. And some are secluded, and reserved for single sets of footprints and very private beachcombing, picnics, and sunset watching.

3. The Romance

The Bahamas host some of the most romantic wedding sites in the world; with breathtaking panoramic views, soft sandy white and pink beaches, and slow dancing at sunset, just for two. Every resort boasts memory making getaway packages that rival their competition. The easy part is just flowing with the paradise promised by the wedding arranger, the hardest part is choosing which package is best for your special day. But the abundance only means there has to be one specially packaged just for you.

4. Accommodations 

No place to stay or hold a wedding is a bad place, especially in The Bahamas, where the people pride themselves on delivering the best possible experiences for their guests. From large resorts like Sandals, and Atlantis, to smaller venues with names like Rock House and Augusta Bay Bahamas, there’s a place, with an affordable budget for every couple.

5. The Adventure

For the bride and groom, and their guests, before or after the wedding The Bahamas offer biking and shopping, beach bonfires, booze and dinner cruises, dolphin encounters, and glass bottom boat adventures. For the more courageous there is parasailing and snorkeling tours.

The people of the Bahamas love to celebrate, and they love to bring their guests in to their celebration.

In January the people of Bimini begin the New Year in a spectacular native street festival with a Junkanoo parade. In July there are yacht regattas in Rolleville on the Exumas, and other islands, where the onshore festivals include beauty pageants, greasy pole climbing, and games. In August the people on Cat Island celebrate Emancipation Day with live entrainment, cultural activities, and games. In October there is the “Discovery Day Homecoming Festival,” where San Salvadorians worldwide are invited to come “home” and celebrating the landing of Christopher Columbus. Christmas, with tree lighting ceremonies, is also celebrated on most islands.

A wedding in The Bahamas is a promise of fun, sun, and adventure, and once in a lifetime memories few other places on earth can offer. Contact us to learn about this and many more beautiful places for your perfect wedding!

Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Jamaica

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Getting Married in Jamaica

Why to Choose Jamaica for your Destination Wedding

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Imagine a wedding on a beautiful beach, the bride’s dress glowing white in the light of the sunset, while Steel drums pound out the Wedding March, or “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.” The first toast of the ceremony is with a fruity Jamaican Rum Punch.  This is paradise in the Caribbean Sea, this is warm and inviting Jamaica.

Jamaican weddings are oh so cool because of at least 5 great things:

1. Attitude, mon!

There’s something in a Jamaican’s DNA that relaxes them, and passes that lack of stress on to its visitors. The national theme of Jamaica seems to be “No problem, mon.” On the island, if it happens it happens, let’s move on. There’s no pressure in Jamaicans to move frantically or faster. There’s no volcanos about to explode, and even the taxi drivers will get you to the beach without stress.

This totally un-stressed attitude makes for a joyous creative spirit all over the island, and manifests in the food, the music, and the confidence of its people. The attitude is good, mon. Come, relax, and enjoy another glass of rum.

2. Blue Skies

Jamaica’s weather is consistently as Visitor Friendly as its people! It’s a tropical island, just above the equator, and the peak time of year to visit is probably between December and April, when the rest of the world is still wearing goulashes. The average temperature is just lovely most of the year, however, between 80 and 90 F. It can get a bit humid, but that’s why you dress for the beach, and plan to get wet!

3. Great Venues

She wants it beautiful. He wants it perfect. Consider booking your wedding at the Rose Hall Great House, a plantation house with the most beautiful grand stair case a bride can descend down, and an Aqueduct where an 1839 waterwheel makes the perfect back drop for those once in a life time wedding pictures. Consider Gazebo Beach as the wedding spot she has always dreamed of, or Ocean’s Edge for crystal clear water elegance. Waterfall weddings are also very romantic. Rose Hall offers these too. Historic Mt. Zion Church may be THE place to wed if your perfect ceremony must be inside a vintage church building. There are more than 50 resorts offering unforgettable wedding venues on the Jamaican island, as well, all of which you can learn more about by contacting Absolute Wedsite today!

4. Activities

Jamaica isn’t just beaches and rum punch, it’s also zip lines across the top of rain forests, and bob sledding down Mystic Mountain. For the naturalist the island is Hummingbird Garden and Butterfly Attraction Garden. There’s also river rafting in Montego Bay, and mangrove trees and wild crocodiles on The Black River. Green Grotto Caves at Discovery Bay is also a thrilling adventure for explorers.

5. Marvelous Etceteras

Descriptions of this paradise can’t be contained in 5 points. Music in Jamaica is made for dancing. It’s steel drums and Jonkonnu, Bruckins, Dinki Mini, Quadrille and Mento, and of course Reggae. Jamaican food is fusion, African, local and international, hip and lounge, Columbus, and Agritourismo. Island flavors range from Rum to Soul, to Jerk to sea food barbequed on converted steel drums.  The scenery is spectacular everywhere, from sunrise on the beach, to sundown on a mountain top.

If you can only find 5 reasons to wed and honeymoon in Jamaica, you’re on the wrong island. Don’t just imagine the obvious beach scene. Think mountains, and old plantations, and tropical forests, and bob sledding. Jamaica is definitely your spot mon!

Ya Mon!

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Visiting Our Couple in Jamaica

Royalton White Sands, Montego Bay

Our very own team member Kunal had a chance to visit our couple in Jamaica for their beautiful Absolute Destination Wedding in Montego Bay at the Royalton White Sands. Continue reading his personal entry below.


I had the unbelievable and utmost honour to visit one of our own couples in Jamaica this past weekend. What an experience it was. Jamaica is a great place to visit, be it for a wedding, honeymoon, or just a quick lay back session for your personal holiday. The people are great, happy, funny, and very lively in Jamaica. That’s one of the reasons I get a smile on my face just hearing the word “Jamaica” come up.

From landing at the airport, to when I got to the Royalton White Sands, I couldn’t help but wonder what the resort would be like. I’ve never personally been to it before, but the pictures and reviews from my colleagues had me stoked. I walked in the lobby and was blown away by how personal, yet large the property was. Blown away by how white the sand was. Most of all, I was blown away by the incredible service and VIP treatment they gave me for the 24-hours I spent there.

Smitha and Leroy’s South Indian wedding was a blast the next morning. Everything from the gazebo to the decor, to the location was on tee. I did some cinematography for their wedding ceremony – you can watch the video below. Hope you like it! Congratulations again Smitha and Leroy!

Windjammer Landing, St Lucia

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A Very Special Visit

Windjammer Landing team lands in Toronto!

Mondays are usually the toughest days of the week. Who are we kidding?

This was a very special Monday though. The energetic, ever-so-amazing team from the Windjammer Landing in beautiful St. Lucia came to Toronto. It was obvious that they’d have to come stuff their stomachs with some of the Absolute Wedsite team, and that’s exactly what happened.

A very special thanks to Mark, __, Chris and Jackie for coming by. It’s always a pleasure to see you. Next time we’ll have to pop into your beautiful St. Lucian resort!

Hard Rock Product Launch

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Ishq Rocks Launch Event

Get married like a rock star!

Some of our team’s Indian wedding specialists recently visited the amazing Hard Rock Ishq Rocks event in downtown Toronto. What an amazing experience it was! Hard Rock has been working day and night to introduce this new wedding collection geared towards the South Asian and Indian community.

It was with deep honour that we were called to attend this event, packed with great Indian food, music and dance. The Hard Rock team has really put together some great packages for Indian Weddings, and Absolute Wedsite is very excited to bring this product into our lineup.

Here’s an excerpt from Hard Rock about their new Ishq Rocks and Collin Cowie wedding collection…

“‘Ishq’ means love – and ishq truly rocks at the all inclusive Hard Rock Hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Fan the flames of tradition with the excitement of a Hard Rock Hotel Wedding. Inspire our Wedding Specialists with personal selections to create a custom wedding collection. Celebrate into the night with popular Indian music and live entertainment. Delight guests with intricate Mehndi designs hand-drawn by skilled artists and enjoy traditional cuisine crafted by our master chefs.

Indian cuisine options are available at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.”

Please contact us for more details, advice, and expert service in regards to these amazing new packages being offered by Hard Rock!

Shamela & Eric

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A Match Made in Heaven

Shamela and Eric come to say bye!

It was a great Sunday. Shamela and Eric came in to say bye.

Their wedding is coming up next week and they were so happy they decided to pop in personally for the finishing touches. It was truly a great experience working with the two of you.

They were so happy and impressed they even did a quick testimonial video for us. To view their video, visit the Testimonials page on our website.

Another HAPPY Absolute Wedsite story. Thanks for dropping in you two! We truly enjoyed working with you over the past year and look forward to hearing from you on your return from paradise!

Hello World!

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A New Home. A New Journey.

Everything begins with a word called love.

Hi, I’m Kunal! I’d love to welcome the world to the all new, redesigned, dynamic, social new home of Absolute Wedsite. We’re really proud to bring this game changing platform and experience to the world. Absolute Wedsite might just be one of the best Destination Wedding and Honeymoon website’s you’ve ever visited. We really wanted it to look as beautiful as your wedding and honeymoon will, and I’m confident you’ll love it! Below you can view a few brief highlights of what to expect on our website to get you started – the rest are a mystery. No that’s a joke! Go on, read this blog post, then click and scroll through the website and you’ll fall in love. I promise.


On our new website, you’ll be able to view a very new, social and dynamic experience. Everything is laid out in a simple fashion. All the guess work has been taken out so that you can find what you want, where you want. That’s right, our website is VERY mobile friendly, and can be viewed in all it’s glory from your tablet or mobile phone. The best thing about out mobile experience is that it isn’t compromised like most of the websites in the world, or even our competitors. Our mobile site still holds the beautiful, rich layout of the desktop version, so that you can take advantage of everything our website has to offer.


Check back and visit our blog often to keep up with what’s new in the industry and what we’re up to. We’ll be posting a lot about our own travel experiences here, tips and tricks on how to make the most of your destination wedding and honeymoon.


Now in addition to our Facebook testimonials section, you can view real life video interviews of some of our happy couples right on our website! Check out our brand new testimonials section by clicking here. In this section, not only will you find testimonials from our happy couples, but also what our industry partners are saying about us. At Absolute Wedsite, you get the very best the industry has to offer. Don’t take our word for it and see what real people are saying right now!


The more you go through our website, the more you’ll learn about how experienced we are. We have a lot of industry experience, and one key aspect of it is our travels. We’ve personally been to many of the places that you dream of going. We’ve even got photos to prove it. Through the years, we’ve compiled a list of popular resorts and destinations that we’ve liked, and more importantly, our couples have also liked. Learn more about our featured destinations and resorts. Not seeing your ideal location or resort in the list? No problem, there’s a pretty good chance we’re already working on adding it. All you need to know is, if you can dream it, we can make it reality.


We’re really proud to introduce our new industry leading MORE+ program. View the MORE+ section to learn about how Absolute Wedsite offers you the competitive advantage.