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Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Jamaica

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Getting Married in Jamaica

Why to Choose Jamaica for your Destination Wedding

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Imagine a wedding on a beautiful beach, the bride’s dress glowing white in the light of the sunset, while Steel drums pound out the Wedding March, or “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.” The first toast of the ceremony is with a fruity Jamaican Rum Punch.  This is paradise in the Caribbean Sea, this is warm and inviting Jamaica.

Jamaican weddings are oh so cool because of at least 5 great things:

1. Attitude, mon!

There’s something in a Jamaican’s DNA that relaxes them, and passes that lack of stress on to its visitors. The national theme of Jamaica seems to be “No problem, mon.” On the island, if it happens it happens, let’s move on. There’s no pressure in Jamaicans to move frantically or faster. There’s no volcanos about to explode, and even the taxi drivers will get you to the beach without stress.

This totally un-stressed attitude makes for a joyous creative spirit all over the island, and manifests in the food, the music, and the confidence of its people. The attitude is good, mon. Come, relax, and enjoy another glass of rum.

2. Blue Skies

Jamaica’s weather is consistently as Visitor Friendly as its people! It’s a tropical island, just above the equator, and the peak time of year to visit is probably between December and April, when the rest of the world is still wearing goulashes. The average temperature is just lovely most of the year, however, between 80 and 90 F. It can get a bit humid, but that’s why you dress for the beach, and plan to get wet!

3. Great Venues

She wants it beautiful. He wants it perfect. Consider booking your wedding at the Rose Hall Great House, a plantation house with the most beautiful grand stair case a bride can descend down, and an Aqueduct where an 1839 waterwheel makes the perfect back drop for those once in a life time wedding pictures. Consider Gazebo Beach as the wedding spot she has always dreamed of, or Ocean’s Edge for crystal clear water elegance. Waterfall weddings are also very romantic. Rose Hall offers these too. Historic Mt. Zion Church may be THE place to wed if your perfect ceremony must be inside a vintage church building. There are more than 50 resorts offering unforgettable wedding venues on the Jamaican island, as well, all of which you can learn more about by contacting Absolute Wedsite today!

4. Activities

Jamaica isn’t just beaches and rum punch, it’s also zip lines across the top of rain forests, and bob sledding down Mystic Mountain. For the naturalist the island is Hummingbird Garden and Butterfly Attraction Garden. There’s also river rafting in Montego Bay, and mangrove trees and wild crocodiles on The Black River. Green Grotto Caves at Discovery Bay is also a thrilling adventure for explorers.

5. Marvelous Etceteras

Descriptions of this paradise can’t be contained in 5 points. Music in Jamaica is made for dancing. It’s steel drums and Jonkonnu, Bruckins, Dinki Mini, Quadrille and Mento, and of course Reggae. Jamaican food is fusion, African, local and international, hip and lounge, Columbus, and Agritourismo. Island flavors range from Rum to Soul, to Jerk to sea food barbequed on converted steel drums.  The scenery is spectacular everywhere, from sunrise on the beach, to sundown on a mountain top.

If you can only find 5 reasons to wed and honeymoon in Jamaica, you’re on the wrong island. Don’t just imagine the obvious beach scene. Think mountains, and old plantations, and tropical forests, and bob sledding. Jamaica is definitely your spot mon!

Ya Mon!

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Visiting Our Couple in Jamaica

Royalton White Sands, Montego Bay

Our very own team member Kunal had a chance to visit our couple in Jamaica for their beautiful Absolute Destination Wedding in Montego Bay at the Royalton White Sands. Continue reading his personal entry below.


I had the unbelievable and utmost honour to visit one of our own couples in Jamaica this past weekend. What an experience it was. Jamaica is a great place to visit, be it for a wedding, honeymoon, or just a quick lay back session for your personal holiday. The people are great, happy, funny, and very lively in Jamaica. That’s one of the reasons I get a smile on my face just hearing the word “Jamaica” come up.

From landing at the airport, to when I got to the Royalton White Sands, I couldn’t help but wonder what the resort would be like. I’ve never personally been to it before, but the pictures and reviews from my colleagues had me stoked. I walked in the lobby and was blown away by how personal, yet large the property was. Blown away by how white the sand was. Most of all, I was blown away by the incredible service and VIP treatment they gave me for the 24-hours I spent there.

Smitha and Leroy’s South Indian wedding was a blast the next morning. Everything from the gazebo to the decor, to the location was on tee. I did some cinematography for their wedding ceremony – you can watch the video below. Hope you like it! Congratulations again Smitha and Leroy!