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Why Destination Weddings Are Not Selfish

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As destination weddings become increasingly popular, we must continue to battle the nay-sayers, in this case those who claim the decision to have a destination wedding is selfish. Obviously, our destination wedding planners couldn’t disagree more with this idea, but let’s explore this. How can destination weddings be considered selfish, and how much consideration should you really be putting into these types of things?

Destination Weddings Are Selfish?

If you’ve considered a destination wedding, you may have encountered someone already who has questioned your decision, claiming that you are being selfish. From a guest’s perspective, it could seem inconvenient, expensive, or otherwise impertinent to his or her current lifestyle to visit the Caribbean for a weekend in order to attend a wedding. Traveling outside of the country, especially if you don’t yet have a passport, can seem like a daunting undertaking instead of an opportunity for adventure. So, yeah, we understand how destination weddings can be perceived as selfish, but we respectfully and vehemently disagree.

It’s Your Wedding

Some of your invited guests, maybe even members of your family or your closest friends, may find your decision to have a destination wedding to be selfish, but it’s not your brother’s wedding, and it’s not your college roommate’s wedding either. It’s your wedding! If you’ve always dreamed of a gorgeous barefooted ceremony on a sunset-lit beach, then that’s exactly what you should get. It’s important to protect your vision and to not let others influence you. The last thing you want is to be walking down a church aisle in Toronto while your head is stuck in sunny St. Lucia.

Guests Are Invited

We’ve already considered the destination wedding from the guest’s perspective, and it can become easy to slip into it, planning everything just to please instead of planning your wedding the way you want it, but remember this. You and your fiance are the two most important people of the day. Your guests have simply been invited to join in celebrating the two of you. Note that word, “invited.” You’re not forcing anyone to join you halfway around the world. Some of your guests will choose to attend, and some won’t, just as with any other wedding.

Finding A Balance

Ultimately, we can’t know your wedding priorities, and deciding to have a destination wedding may or may not fit within them. Ask yourself these questions, and decide what’s more important for you and your fiance. What backdrop do you imagine for you wedding? Do you dream of a gorgeous destination wedding? Will your friends and family be excited about traveling or nervous? Are you willing to sacrifice this location to ensure a majority of guests can attend, or would you rather have a smaller wedding in the location of your choice? Establish what’s most important for you both before making your decision.

We hope this post has helped you understand why destination weddings are not selfish. If you’d like to begin planning your destination wedding, contact our wedding planners at Destination Wedsite today.