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Honeymoon Fashion For Women

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You have a lot to think about when it comes to packing for your honeymoon, but one of the first things you’ll probably do is decide what you’re going to wear. If you’re going to a tropical or otherwise warm climate, keep reading for some fashionable looks that will lend both style and comfort to your romantic getaway.

3 Honeymoon Looks For Women

The Maxi Dress

A summer favourite for many women, the maxi dress is the perfect balance of comfy and cute. You can wear this long, stylish garment over your swimsuit for a trip to the beach, pair it with comfortable, strappy sandals for a day of shopping, or dress it up with some heels and simple accessories for a semi-formal dinner. Think you’re too short for a maxi dress? Try a form-fitting tank maxi with small stripes.  

The “Modest” Robe

Let’s be honest: you’ll be spending plenty of your time wearing minimal clothing during your honeymoon. Keep it modestly sexy with a short, silk or lace robe. This look is perfect for hanging out around your room or sitting on your balcony for morning coffee. We think your new spouse will like it, too.

Roaming Wear

Depending on your plans and destination, your honeymoon may involve quite a bit of walking around. Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes to roam in, such as comfy sandals or sneakers, breathable tops, and a pair of stretchy jeans. Other comfortable, fashionable options include long, loose skirts, cute sundresses, and shorts.

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Busting Myths About Wedding Planners

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In our last two blogs, we took the time to explain some misconceptions regarding destination weddings. So long as we’ve got this momentum for busting myths, let’s look at some myths about wedding planners that may be stopping you from seeking help with your wedding planning endeavors.

3 Myths About Wedding Planners

They Only Work With Massive Budgets

When we see couples in the movies hire wedding planners, their weddings are always so spectacular and extravagant, and the people paying for these weddings typically have pockets deeper than Mount Everest is tall. Whether this myth came from the movies or is the result of something else, having a modest budget doesn’t mean a wedding planner is out of the question. Many wedding planners will work with a variety of budgets.

They Will Force Their Ideas On Me

Every bride’s wedding planner nightmare goes something like this: nothing is the way I wanted it to be! Don’t worry. Working with the right wedding planner will mean being involved in the entire process as much or as little as you please. At Absolute Wedsite, our destination wedding planners will share your passion for your dream wedding and your dream destination. We can’t wait to hear all about your vision!

My Venue’s Event Manager is the Same Thing

Some couples assume that since they have the venue’s event manager, they do not need to hire a wedding planner, but these two are really not the same thing. The event manager will manage the venue’s operations, make sure everything is setup properly, and see that the food is served, but he or she may disappear if needed elsewhere. Your wedding planner is there for your you, not for the venue.

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Busting Destination Wedding Myths Part 2

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Are you and your spouse-to-be deciding on what type of wedding you’d both like to have? Are you considering a traditional wedding in your hometown, or is adventure calling you to one of the gorgeous destinations around the world? Many couples forgo the latter because they believe one or more of the common myths surrounding this fantastic marriage option. See part one on this topic to learn why destination weddings are not too impersonal, difficult, or expensive, and keep reading to learn about three more myths.

3 More Common Destination Wedding Myths

It’s Too Legally Demanding

The process for ensuring a legal destination marriage may be a bit different than it is with a traditional wedding, but it is really no more complicated, especially if you have a professional on your side. You can take advantage of a destination wedding planner’s expertise for a truly simply process. Even if you’re planning your destination wedding by yourself, many hotels and resorts can help with the marriage license process.   

None of Our Guests Will Come

On the contrary, we can’t think of anything better than an excuse to take a vacation, and many of your invited guests will feel the same way. Besides, those people who you consider to be the most important attendees will likely be the first guests to RSVP and purchase plane tickets.   

We Can’t Invite Everyone

Depending on how large your network of friends and family is, you may not have been able to invite everyone to a traditional wedding, let alone to your destination. On the other hand, there is no rule saying there is a maximum guest limit at a destination wedding. If your resort/location is large enough, you can invite as many guests as you like.

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