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The honeymoon packages available at Absolute Wedsite ensure an affordable honeymoon.

4 Tips For Planning An Affordable Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon is supposed to be an intimate, romantic vacation spent with your new spouse in a beautiful, relaxing destination, but many couples skip their honeymoons altogether simply because of the expense. If you don’t think a honeymoon is in your financial future, consider these tips:

How Can I Make My Honeymoon More Affordable?

Plan And Book Early

Although there are many varied opinions on the right time to book, a good basic rule to follow is to plan and book your honeymoon early. Especially if you’ll be traveling to your destination during peak season, it will be important to be early in order to get the accommodations you want.

Use A Honeymoon Registry

Traditionally, couples getting married would sign up for a gift registry, and guests would gift them homegoods, but engaged couples are oftentimes already established in a house together these days, and they may not need these things. If this sounds like your situation, consider a honeymoon registry instead, where guest can easily donate online.

Consider Going On A Cruise

Cruise honeymoons are often surprisingly affordable and romantic. They provide a cost-effective option for newlyweds who want to explore multiple destinations rather than just one. Many cruise lines will make your honeymoon extra memorable with romantic honeymoon packages.

Work With A Travel Specialist

When you work with a honeymoon and travel specialist, you’ll be able to plan your honeymoon while allowing someone else handle the stressful parts. At Absolute Wedsite, we have the connections and experience to ensure that you have an on-budget honeymoon that fits your tastes, desires, and expectations. Contact us today, and we’ll set up your free consultation.

Don’t let a modest budget determine your honeymoon plans. There are ways of ensuring a memorable, beautiful honeymoon for you and your spouse-to-be without compromising your budget.

Absolute Wedsite is a leading wedding planner in Toronto.

Working With An Absolute Wedsite Specialist

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You should never have to sacrifice the vision you have for your perfect wedding simply because you think you can’t afford it, because you don’t have the means to plan it, or because there are no suitable locations near where you live. At Absolute Wedsite, we can help you plan your dream destination wedding at one of the many gorgeous destinations around the world, and we’ll do so while always keeping your budget in mind.

What Do You Get Working With An Absolute Wedsite Wedding Planner?

Experienced & Passionate Travelers

As a collective staff, our wedding planners have nearly traveled the entire globe, so we know the best destinations to fit your tastes, budget, and expectations. If you imagine a beautiful, white-sand beach and clear, turquoise water for your wedding backdrop, then a Caribbean beach wedding may be perfect for you. Our wedding and travel specialists will listen to your desires and expectations in order to recommend the best destinations and ensure a stress-free, memorable wedding.

A Wedding Free Of Stress

At Absolute Wedsite,  we’ll take care of everything both here and at your destination, so all you have to worry about is whether you’ll opt for a traditional dress and tux combination or a more casual wardrobe. We’ll confirm your ceremony date with your chosen resort, handle all guest RSVPs, manage and collect all guest payments, and even provide you with a competitive travel insurance offer. Click here to learn more about everything we’ll do for you when you allow an Absolute Wedsite wedding planner to make your dream destination wedding a reality.

Our passionate wedding planners in Toronto want to help you make your wedding day everything you desire. Contact us online for your complimentary consultation!


6 Advantages Of Destination Weddings Part 2

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There are a lot of decisions that go into planning a wedding, one of the most important being which venue to choose. It can be frustrating trying to find the perfect place that matches your style as a couple, has openings on your day, and is affordable. Why not take the location out of the equation and replace it with a destination? There are many advantages to having a destination wedding over a traditional one.

Benefits of a destination wedding:

Less Stress

Whether you’re working with a professional wedding planner or coordinating with resorts, your destination wedding will be fairly low-stress. With planners taking care of logistics, and many of the most important pieces of the puzzle provided by resorts these days, all you’ll have to do is enjoy your vacation.

Reunion Opportunities

Unlike traditional weddings, destination weddings often last a few days, so they are more like vacations than marriage events. You’ll get plenty of down time to spend with your guests, catch up with old friends, and reconnect with distant family.

Honeymoon Readiness

One of the biggest budget-busting items on any wedding checklist is the honeymoon, and it is often put off because of financial constraints. If you and your fiance opt for a destination wedding, you’ll be able to enjoy your honeymoon immediately without having to get on another plane.  

Want to read about even more benefits of destination weddings? See part one on this topic. To begin planning your destination wedding, contact Absolute Wedsite. Our wedding specialists are lovers of travel and would be delighted to help you plan the perfect wedding.


6 Advantages Of Destination Weddings Part 1

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When deciding where to have their weddings, many couples look at local venues such as churches, parks, private homes, or hotel ballrooms, but these are not your only options. If you and your fiance are trying to choose the best wedding location, why not consider a destination instead? Destination weddings can often seem like complicated events to plan, but they are actually quite simple, cost-effective, and a truly memorable way to spend your special day.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of a destination wedding:


Weddings are expensive. By the time you pay for the venue, the dress, flowers and other decorations, catering, etc., your budget may tell you that a honeymoon is simply not an option. With the average Canadian wedding topping $30,000, destination weddings are comparatively affordable. Run the numbers with an Absolute Wedsite wedding planner to find out what your best options are.  

Guest Limit

One of the biggest dilemmas couples face while planning their weddings is deciding who to invite. Destination weddings are typically much smaller with a limited number of guests. Your destination wedding could include only a handful of your closest family and friends.

Casual Event

Having a destination wedding means you get to have a wedding that is as formal or as casual as you want. After all, all your beach wedding needs is a small cluster of chairs and someone to officiate.

For more advantages of destination weddings, see part two on this topic. If you think a destination wedding might be perfect for your big day, get in touch with the wedding specialists at Absolute Wedsite by contacting us online. We’ve helped thousands of clients plan beautiful, on-budget destination weddings.