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Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Mexico

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Getting Married in Mexico

Why to Choose Mexico for your Destination Wedding


One of the most important things in our lives is the day when we say „I do“ to our soul mate. Starting a new life with your love should have a specific location. Dream wedding destination and ceremony should be romantic and a moment of long – lasting memory.

Incredible beaches, crystal – clear water, beautiful weather and amazing resorts are perfect wedding package, and that is what makes Mexico a great location for your special day.

Mexico, home of ancient culture and rich history, world – famous beaches, international cuisine are the outstanding mixture of important things for a wedding plan.

1. Various stunning locations

Whether you prefer an outdoor or an indoor place, Mexican beaches on Riviera Maya will give you a various choice.

Spectacular view to the sea with an altar on a beach is a setting that you will find in Cancun, which is the most popular wedding destination in Mexico.

A breathtaking scene with a view to the Atlantic is a gem of Cabo, with its famous Playa del Amor (Love’s Beach), a very popular and a romantic spot.

If you are looking for an adventure, than Palancar reef is definitely the location for you. Underwater photos of scuba diving with your guests in wetsuits will be a memorable moment in your wedding photo album.

Nightlife in Acapulco city is offering incredible bars with famous Mexican drinks and celebration with natives to give you a lifetime experience.

Inspiring landscapes and a fascinating wedding theme is waiting for you in Tulum ruins with a thousand years of culture and architecture.

2. Famous Mexican and international cuisine

Outstanding culinary and splendid offer of traditional and international meals in Mexico, recognized by the UNESCO, will give you a clear picture of what it offers. Basically, all the restaurants will offer you a high-quality caterings.  Enjoy the  real Mexican dishes and drinks such as Horchata, a cold refreshing cinnamon drink in the hot sun.  Mexican tortillas, beans, spicy chicken, etc. are just some of the meals worth of tasting there. Creativity in Mexican culinary could be an outstanding spot of your wedding. You will be blown away by its professional staff that is a key for gaining the high position of hospitality in this industry.

3. Perfect weather

Most of the year, Mexico is a sunny place and it has a tropical climate.  A perfect weather is an important fact for your wedding day. You don’t want a sudden rain to spoil your ceremony. Beautiful sunset with ocean scenery in the background is the right choice for such an important moment in your life.

4. Cultural background

Beside all natural wonders of Mexico, over 2 000 years old ancient monuments and temples could be a perfect theme for your wedding and interesting background for the ceremony.

However, if you are searching for more fun, than a traditional party called „Siesta“ is definitely your choice. Latino music played by Mariachis with big sombreros, pleasant Mexicans, and tequila are symbols of having a party.

5. Affordable and cheap

Mexico stands for one of the cheapest locations for a wedding, but with a high-quality standard.

The list of your guests will be trimmed too. Enjoy with your true friends without all the unnecessary people like co – workers, cousins etc. There are small chances that they will come even if you invite them. For example,  there is always an option to make a dinner in your hometown to celebrate with those people who couldn’t share your happy moments in Mexico. So, instead of paying thousands of dollars for closest strangers, make intimate moments with your family and really close friends.

Most of the resorts are offering really cheap arrangement because it is a very big industry and there is a lot of competition.

Hiring a local wedding coordinator will save you a lot of time and money for exploring various offers for a wedding and going trough that process, where everything has to be perfect and a lifetime memory.